The Lightweight Gatic Kerbdrain Range of products conform to Manual Handling Regulations, cutting out the cost of any mechanical handing equipment. Installation time is exceptionally quick on the whole Gatic Kerbdrain System, as well as reducing the RISK of personal injury.


The Gatic Kerbdrain product range has proven to be one of the lightest, and robust units on the market. We have now been able to to develop a method of manufacturing the Gatic Kerbdrain unit as a single, solid and monolithic system. Compared to the two part systems previously on the market. Improvements have also been made to the mix of recycled plastic content used which in the past would have been considered non-recyclable and destined for landfill.

Enviromentally Friendly
Made with up to 70% Recycled material, every 500mm long unit is made from 199 plastic bottles,caps & closures

Strong and Robust
The material used in manufacture is exceptionally strong and complies with BS EN 1433:2002 Group 3 kerb side installations (load class C250kN) and HIGHWAY AGENCY IAN117/08 Rev 2 Group 4 (load class D400kN). The product has the added advantage over traditional materials in offering exceptional strength and improved impact resistance provided it is installed correctly and to our specification.

Improved Performance
The Gatic Kerbdrain has been designed to an increased performance. Our single 305mm depth unit achieves 50% greater capacity than most other 305mm deep systems on the market. Providing cost effective solutions whilst maintaining high performance.

Chemical Resistance
The product is resistant to all forms of effluents found in highway situations such as road-salts, petrol, diesel etc.

Each Gatic Kerbdrain component has been designed to be installed manually. The standard unit weighs only 7kg.


Gatic Kerbdrain, through a policy of material and process development, has a finish almost identical to a standard concrete kerb. Further large investment in new tooling and production techniques has allowed for improved aesthetics over the original product.