Peri Ltd, one of the world's largest manufacturers of formwork and scaffolding, recently had Gatic CastSlot installed at its extensive multi-purpose service yard, where heavy lorries and vehicles come and go constantly.

Our Area Sales Manager who worked on the project - Zach Graham revealed “The Gatic system was opted for due to its great hydraulic capacity and extensive reputation.” 

“This particular project required a safe solution that could bear the load of up to 40 tonnes, or D400, in technical terms. However, the Gatic range is designed to meet the needs of delivery or distribution areas where load ratings can reach up to 90 tonnes, or to F900 level, making it well within its capabilities.”

Where continuous, slow turning traffic is a major consideration, Gatic CastSlot, from the Gatic Slotdrain range, is the front runner for ensuring a reliable water management system. The reputation of Gatic Slotdrain as the go to drainage range for infrastructure hubs such as airport runways and major ports, made this the obvious choice for this project.

Project Images

CastSlot is available with an optional tread safe addition, ensuring safety under regular footfall. However, as the installation area will be frequented by mainly large vehicles, CastSlot non-treadsafe was installed. 

“Drainage designs are worked on every day at Gatic, and it has become a household name among those in this industry. Gatic is now one of, if not the strongest system available for this application,” concluded Zach.

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