CastSlot and Paveslot, the leading channel drainage systems from Gatic Civil Drainage, have been installed at Rushden Lakes, the new high end shopping centre in Northamptonshire. Specified by consulting engineers, BE Design, and working with contractors Winvic, CastSlot with a tread safe top was carefully selected for its robust composition – essential for a busy shopping centre. CastSlot’s tread safe top is important in areas with high volumes of pedestrians, removing the risk of heels getting caught in the grating. PaveSlot was installed in the project’s central boulevard – home to a bespoke water feature.

Project Images

Gatic is a globally recognised brand, specified for many prestigious projects around the world. Its leading range of surface water drainage is strong, durable and reliable, with load ratings from A15 to F900 to suit a wide range of applications. CastSlot’s high capacity channels provide effective surface water management, protecting areas from excessive rainfall. PaveSlot is ideal for paved areas, with a discreet profile that sits neatly in the ground for a subtle and unobtrusive finish.

BE Design specifies Gatic for many projects due to its all-round top performance and their strong relationship with the team. Shawn Loo of BE Design explains: “Gatic’s technical team, their expertise and the service they provide is second to none. I was particularly impressed with this project where the team provided a value engineered design in a quick turnaround. This level of service means we not only get the best solution, but we also deliver the project to the required timescales. It’s what makes working with Gatic a smooth and simple process.”

Gatic Civil Drainage is part of Alumasc Water Management Solutions (AWMS), the first joined up brand in the industry, providing a complete rain-to-drain water management solution from roof to ground.