We have added our highly specified range of Slotdrain channel drainage to Innovyze’s MicroDrainage software. 

MicroDrainage is a well-recognised tool for civil engineers working on surface water and external drainage calculations. It is the industry standard software for the detailed design of fully integrated storm-water and foul-water drainage systems. User of MicroDrainage benefit from a user-friendly interface, auto-design and optimisation as well as formal reporting and outputs.

Along with the usual functionality, MicroDrainage can be embedded within Autodesk’s Civil 3D software through the DrawNet(CAD) interface.This enables MicroDrainage to conduct intelligent data exchange through the use of Parts Lists, include Gatic Slotdrain Civil 3D, providing engineers with an ability to quickly, accurately and confidently exchange information between models, helping to achieve BIM Level 2 compliance.

Gatic has Slotdrain product placements within MicroDrainage’s market leading, industry standard, detailed drainage design software. Unlike other offers, Gatic’s Slotdrain Civil 3D files will be treated as part of the drainage network when they are downloaded and imported into Civil 3D. Furthermore, these files will be backwards compatible when the engineer chooses to analyse the drainage network within MicroDrainage®.

To find out more about this software visit Innovyze's website here.