Alumasc Water Management Solutions is committed to Continuing Professional Development and offers a range of webinars & seminars approved by the Royal Institute of British Architects and the CPD Certification Service, all of which have been assessed within strict best practice guidelines.

Our CPD's presentations take place at your premises and are run by the Alumasc WMS specification team providing a personal, in-depth instruction. In these sessions we explore how our products work and their key design features, from within the broader context of urban water management. Below is a summary of the CPD seminars that we offer across all five brands.

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Every year we run a series of webinars which cover all of the AWMS CPD's. To find out more about our webinars, click on one of the dropdowns below. If you want to book an in person CPD for your organisation please click here


6. Aluminium Fascia, Soffit and Coping systems - A Complete Guide to Design and Specification

  • Design Principal
  • Standards
  • Design Considerations
  • Maintenance

1. Rainwater Disposal from Pitched Roofs - Design & Specification

  • Design Principles
  • Installation Detail & Considerations
  • Parapet Wall & Balcony Drainage
  • Maintenance    

2. Internal Rainwater Drainage - Design & Specification

  • What is internal rainwater drainage
  • System design
  • Detailed systems
  • Blue & Green Roof systems

3. Soil & Vent Drainage - Design & Specification

  • What is Soil & Vent drainage
  • System design
  • Product selection
Harmer & Wade

4. Internal Floor Drainage - Design & Specification

  • Design principles
  • Specification: Detail & Considerations
  • Specific Applications
  • Care & Maintenance

4. Surface Water Management - External linear drainage, design & specification

  • System Design
  • Product Selection
  • Maintenance & Security
  • Linear Drainage in Suds

5. A Guide to Access Covers

  • Overview of Manhole and Access Covers
  • Areas of application
  • Operation & Maintenance 
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