Gatic Civil Drainage specialises in integrated surface water management. For over 80 years Gatic drainage systems have been used to capture, control and return run-off safely into the natural water cycle.

Gatic is proven in the most demanding industrial, commercial and residential projects. It includes exterior surface water channels, high capacity channels, linear and slot drainage, proslot, access covers and flow controllers. Various depths and widths are available to suit all applications.

Our innovative product Filcoten is new to the range. It is a fibre-reinforced composite which consists of mineral building materials, manufactured using water and wind power, and is 100% recyclable. The unique use of sustainable materials and manufacturing methods positions Filcoten as the clear lead in environmental design.

Gatic’s in-house technical team ensures your projects benefit from value engineering, using bespoke software to link the capacity of the channel with minimal outflows.

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