Amazon has invested heavily in its UK operations in recent years and more recently with the accelerated growth of online shopping, significantly increasing its number of warehouses across the UK. One such distribution centre is in Kingsnorth, Kent. This 34,000 square metre warehouse opened in 2018 and has benefitted from the installation of a Gatic Slotdrain CastSlot system.

With its high-capacity surface water intake and high-performance loading capabilities, the CastSlot system from the Gatic Slotdrain range is specifically designed to bear load ratings of up to F900, which amounts to 90 tonnes – making it the ideal product for major distribution centres such as this. In an area where unremitting, slow turning HGV traffic is a major consideration, Gatic’s CastSlot drainage system provides reliable water management.

“Gatic CastSlot was specified by global professional services firm RPS, to provide high-capacity drainage that had a discreet finish, within the service yard and car park for the distribution centre,” said Zach Graham, Gatic Area Sales Manager for London and the South East. “They valued the design put forward to them and accepted to take away unnecessary costs to client and project without reducing performance of the system.”

“In addition, RPS have used the Gatic range before and will look to use the system on a design whenever possible.”

Gatic specialises in integrated, high-capacity surface water management and Engineered Access Covers, its surface water drainage systems have been used to capture, control and return run-off into the natural water cycle on many projects around the globe for close to 30 years.

“It was our ability to offer a competitive price for a high quality, high-capacity drainage system that impressed the client,” continued Zach. “The Gatic CastSlot system stood out for the client in terms of product performance and value.”

The Gatic range comprises exterior surface water channels, high-capacity channels, linear and Slotdrain, as well as Engineered Access Covers – ideal for the most demanding Infrastructure, Industrial and Commercial projects.

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