Multi-purpose ABS Shower gullies for use in wet bathrooms and shower areas decked with flexible sheet flooring such as vinyl, of a thickness up to 3.5mm.

Available as either a vertical or horizontal outlet (50mm seal) with a choice of stainless steel or nickel bronze clamp collar and grating /  cover / funnel.


Watertight – clamping collar provides a water-tight seal between the flooring material and gully even when the grating is removed.

Water seal – formed by a bucket and dip tube, the water seal depth of 50mm complies with plumbing codes of practice in the U.K.

Flow rate – (grating and funnel versions) rate in excess of 40 l/min; comfortably exceeds the minimum rate of 24 l/min required by BS EN 274 for the discharge from a single shower head.

Vandal resistant – GV5007 secured grating has no visible fixings and is removable only upon depressing an unobtrusive lever.

Accessible – removable grating/cover/funnel and trap enable easy access from above for maintenance purposes.

Bucket – removable bucket helps to eliminate blockages and intercepts jewellery and other items which might otherwise be washed away.

Outlet – 50mm socket for solvent-weld connection to PVC pipework. Installation – ideally suited for installation in timber or concrete floors or where space is limited.

Quality – stainless steel or nickel bronze grating/cover/funnel with matt finish (GV5817 polished), combines durability, safety and good looks.


Body/dip tube/bucket – Plastic (ABS)

Grating/cover/funnel/clamping collar – Stainless steel or nickel bronze

Horizontal Shower Grate Types

50mm socket outlet

Vertical Shower Grate Types

110mm spigot outlet with 50mm reducer

Assemblies & typical installations