Uni-Level and Multi-Level

Uni-Level are designed for applications with asphalt / composition finished floors. Multi-Level are height-adjustable gullies designed for use with unfinished floors (e.g. bare concrete).


Theses fixed height gully assemblies include a membrane clamping collar to ensure a watertight joint between the gully body and membrane. Secured ductile iron gratings with load class L15 and M125, suitable for areas subject to car and light vehicular traffic, are removable without disturbing the membrane and provide excellent drainage performance.



Multi-Level gullies include the facility for a membrane clamping collar to ensure a watertight joint between the gully body and membranes. Gratings are available to suit a range of applications, from plant rooms to pedestrian areas, of ductile iron or stainless steel. Drainage is also provided at membrane level via weepholes or a slotted collar.


Specialised Applications

Over the years Wade has been asked to provide solutions to various drainage problems. These products have been designed for particular projects and details and are available as a complete range. These include Drainage for planting areas and Roof Gardens, Pool / Pit drainage, Pool overflow, 90 deg gullies, High capacity gullies and Gunmetal gullies.





Uni-Level and Multi-Level Floor gullies are made from Cast Iron with either Ductile Iron or Stainless Steel grate options.

Heavy duty lorry deck gullies are manufactured from Stainless steel (grade 304).

Large gullies

Q1 series - For use in factories, service and parking areas, warehouses etc. where very large volumes of water are discharged. Body - Stainless steel (Grade 304), Grating - Ductile iron, sherardized.

Q3 series - For use as a hopper drain, or an indirect waste receiver, for pedestrian traffic only. Body - (Q301) Cast iron, lacquered, (Q302) Cast Iron, plastic coated, Grating - nickel bronze.

Q403 - For use in service and parking areas, factories & warehouses etc. Trapped gully with hinged ductile grating and rodding access. Body - Stainless Steel, Grating - Ductile iron, sherardised.

Q501 - For use where a rapped side outlet is required in pedestrian traffic areas. Body - Cast Iron, lacquered grating - nickel bronze, Access cover - Nickel bronze.

Q605 - For use in gutters and trenches. Body & Grating - Stainless steel, grade 304.

Q8 Series - For use in pools or pits where safeguard against backflow is required. Body & Grating - Stainless Steel, grade 304, Back flow valve - gunmetal.

P301, P5 & P4 ranges - Non spark gunmetal gullies are for use in metal desk such as on oil rigs and ships. Gratings are height adjustable by means of their thread, enabling installation at finished floor level. Versions are available with choice of outlet and gratings to suit different floor finishes. 

Overflow Gullies - To prevent the depth of water exceeding the required maximum, a polished, stainless steel standpipe receives excess or surges of water for discharge via any Vari-level drain body.

Drainage of Planting Areas & Roof Gardens - A range of products providing drainage of moisture in planting areas and flower boxes, minimising loss of soil.


Uni-Level Installations
Multi - Level Installations
Specialised Applications Installations

Connections - Bodies with spigot outlet are for direct connections to BS 416 pipework; versions with BSP threaded outlet are for connection to pipework by means of a threaded adaptor.

Adaptors - Adaptors and couplings are available to connect Wade products to pipework and fittings made by others