Wade offers a comprehensive range of quality floor drains, to suit a myriad of applications. For most floor finishes and construction types, we can offer a tailor made solution from our standard floor drain range. For applications beyond that, we can also design and produce special products to suit your specification.

Vari-Level floor drains, floor gullies and access covers / rodding points have a fine thread to enable accurate installation at finished floor level. The range covers all floor finishes, including drainage in tiled floors, drainage in resin floors, drainage in vinyl finished floors and drainage in concrete floors, with trapped and non-trapped versions

The term Vari-Level refers to the fine adjustability of the height of a grating or access cover above a body; this feature enables installation exactly at finished floor level by rotating the grating or access cover.

A Vari-Level gully comprises, as a minimum, a Vari-Level body and a Vari-Level grating; in some versions these items fit together directly, but, mostly, connection is by means of an inter-connecting, dual-purpose part – a membrane clamping collar. To address a myriad of applications, different versions of Vari-Level bodies are available for use with a wide range of Vari-Level gratings, Vari-Level access covers and Vari-Level accessories.

Wade offers a comprehensive range of high quality gratings which complement floor finishes. Vari-Level threaded gratings are height adjustable with a fine thread to enable accurate installation at floor level.

Wade offers a comprehensive range of high quality access covers, sometimes referred to as cleanouts or rodding eyes, which complement wall and floor finishes. Vari-Level threaded access covers are height
adjustable with a fine thread to enable accurate installation at floor level.

Most covers are sealed; ‘SuperSeal’ covers have additional benefits of being quick release and double sealed as illustrated opposite. Vari-Level covers may also be connected to pipework and proprietary gullies by means of adaptors.





  • High flow performance
  • High sump volume
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Cast Iron is 100% recyclable
Vari- Level Range types
  • Cast Iron Non-trapped bodies for use with bituminous membrane
  • Cast Iron Non-trapped bodies
  • Stainless Steel Non-Trapped body assemblies
  • Cast Iron Trapped bodies
  • Cast Iron Trapped body assemblies
  • Plastic Trapped body assemblies
  • Stainless Steel Trapped body assemblies
Var-Level Grate Options
Vari-Level Access Covers

Ductile Iron – for use in unfinished floors such as in plant rooms and car parks; also for restoration or refurbishment projects to match period architecture

Nickel bronze – for use in pedestrian areas; versions are available to suit a variety of floor finishes including ceramic or vinyl tiles, marble, paviors, terrazzo, resin, carpet or wood; K51 series is for use with flexible sheet flooring such as vinyl; K5301 is for use with trowel applied composition flooring.

Stainless steel – for use in high specification applications including food preparation, prison cells, and areas where high corrosion resistance is a requirement.

Assemblies and typical installations.

These typical installation drawings serve to illustrate the general principal of how such assemblies are used.