Supaslot channels are suited for large areas with only low volumes of waste water such as in abattoirs, butcheries, dairies, breweries etc. 

Neat and unobtrusive, the channels are a popular choice between designated wet and dry zones, such as between dishwashing and cooking areas of a kitchen.

Available in three profile options, SL, SSL (with non-removable toe bar, 6mm slot width suitable for use in barefoot areas) & HL (Designed for use against a wall).

  • BS EN 1433 compliant
  • Depth from 65mm to 180mm with or without fall
  • Suitable for tiled and resin floors
  • Easily cleaned by directing a jet of water along the channel towards the outlet
  • Can be combined with Wade gullies and channel gratings
  • Load Class B125


Stainless steel grade 304 min 1.5mm thickness.


Grade 316 stainless steel - for increased corrosion resistance - add suffix 'M' to the channel code.

Stainless steel gullies can be welded anywhere along the channel and gullies may be trapped if required.

Support bar - a solid stainless steel support bar helps prevent deformation or movement of channel show flange in heavy load bearing areas. To specify add 'S' to the channel code.

The Wade Supaslot channel range can be combined with Wade gullies and channel.

Typical Installation