Harmer SML Below Ground Drainage Cast Iron Pipes and Fittings are manufactured and tested in accordance with the European Standard BS EN 877. Harmer SML Below Ground allows for direct connection from soil to drain to sewer.

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Key Points


  • A complete soil and waste below ground pipework system
  • Allows for direct connection from soil to drain to sewer, in accordance with SFA.
  • Full system of pipes, fittings and access chambers
  • Pipes available in standard 3m lengths, in diameters of 10mm to 400mm
  • Choice of ductile or stainless steel couplings
  • A full range of round, square and rectangular inspection chambers for 100mm and 150mm pipe connections with branch arms at 45o conforming with BS EN 12056-4
  • Manufactured and tested to the European Standard BS EN 877
  • CE Mark: European product conformity to harmonised standard BS EN 877 in accordance with Construction Products Regulation 2013
  • Kitemark certification in accordance with BS EN877
  • Robust, lightweight strong and durable
  • Excellent noise attenuation, tested to BS EN 14366: 2004
  • Non-combustible – fire protection collars not necessary
  • High tensile strength
  • Excellent load bearing strength
  • Quick to assemble
  • Cast iron is 100% recyclable
  • Pipes and fittings manufactured in grey iron to DIN 1691 (exceeds BS 1452 Grade 150 ISO 185 Grade 15)
  • Couplings are manufactured in stainless steel and ductile cast iron
  • Thermal spray zinc coating, surface density at least 130g/m2
  • Pipes interior have an epoxy coating with a minimum thickness of 120 µm
  • Outside coasting of below ground corresponds to BS EN 877 under BS EN ISO 138
  • Outer coating with two components in in brown RAL 8011
  • Fittings are coated externally and internally with an epoxy coating, minimum thickness 60 µm

Installation & Fixing

  • Fully compatible with Harmer SML above ground system
  • Secure socketless fixing between pipe and fitting
  • No special installation equipment required
  • Epoxy coatings ensure pipes and fittings need minimal maintenance over lifetime of installation