Authentic sand castings combine traditional manufacture with modern quality control and standards to create a high quality range of traditional cast iron gutters. Apex Heritage cast iron guttering has simple or spigot, wet sealed and bolted joints and are available factory primed or pre painted.

  • Suited to traditional craft based contracts
  • Closely replicates historic styles
  • For both flush and projecting eaves applications
Project Images
Cast iron rainwater product range image
Gutter Profiles
Half Round

Apex Heritage Half Round 

Available in:

100mm (4") HG40
113mm (4.5") HG45
125mm (5") HG50
150mm (6") HG60
Beaded Half Round

Apex Heritage Beaded Half Round 

Available in:

113mm (4.5") BG45
125mm (5") BG50
Victorian Ogee

Apex Heritage Victorian Ogee

Available in:

113mm (4.5") OG45
125mm (5") OG50

Apex Heritage Moulded

Available in:

100 x 75mm (4 x 3") MG43
125 x 100mm (5 x 4") MG54
150 x 100mm (6 x 4") MG64
Downpipe profiles

Apex Heritage Circular

Available in:

63mm (2.5") P25

75mm (3") P30

100mm (4") P40


Apex Heritage Square

Available in:

75 x 75mm (3 x 3") P33

100 x 100mm (4 x 4") P44


Apex Heritage Rectangular

Available in:

100 x 75mm (4 x 3") P43

125 x 100mm (5 x 4") P54

150 x 100mm (6 x 4") P64
  • Complies with BS 460:2002 Cast Iron Rainwater Goods
  • 4 profiles available in a choice of sizes
  • Pre-finished cast iron style guttering can cut costs by 30% and installation time by 60%
  • Extremely strong, durable and vandal resistant
  • Dimensionally accurate and stable
  • Life expectancy in excess of 40 years
  • Cast iron is 100% recyclable
Project Images
  • Supplied factory primed with one coat of protective greyoxide primer
  • Also available in factory applied high performance, satin three-coat pre-finish
  • Available in a choice of 8 Heritage colours
Available Colours

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A made to order range in cast iron, specifically designed to yield all of the benefits associated with the standard Apex range, yet satisfying all the stylistic options for new building along with addressing the challenges of exact replacement for refurbishment and restoration.

Product / Project Images
Alternative Gutter Profiles
  • Alumasc’s history of designing and supplying engineered rainwater systems is a sign of its ability to develop patterns for the sand casting of products that are tailored to individual buildings’ specific needs.
  • Whether the aim is to match an existing profile or simply to differentiate a building’s appearance, Alumasc can offer bespoke gutter profiles to suit.
Radiused Gutter Sections
  • Where gutters are required to follow a particular roof radius, patterns can be engineered from dimensions or existing gutter installations to yield a gutter that can be installed to suit the roof parameters.
Bespoke Gutter Brackets
  • Whether you are looking for a rise and fall style bracket or a decorative fascia bracket, Alumasc is able to manufacture non-standard brackets from cast iron or galvanised steel.
Pipe earbelts & holderbats
  • Ornate holderbats and earbelts can be detailed to provide a unique, distinguished appearance to a rainwater stack.
Rainwater Heads
  • Whether the project requires a corner hopper, an ornate hopper or simply an enriched finish, Alumasc’s Apex made to order range can fulfil your requirements.
  • Wet sealed and bolted joints - a simple, well proven method
  • Extensive range of fixing options to suit alternative eaves designs
  • Special Hydrostrip jointing system for half round gutters
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
Installation guide for Apex Cast Iron


Download the Apex Cast Iron installation guide here.