Quick Installation, trusted for a generation: the new AX SnapFix Extruded Aluminium Gutter System

Fact: the cold, wet and dark British winter can be extremely demanding on home rainwater systems.

Gutters all over the UK have been filling up with debris all year, and now, things are bound to go wrong as this debris gets wet and freezes.

If you think Christmas was busy, when you work in roofing or rainwater management, January could be even busier.

However, the idea of spending any lengthy amount of time replacing gutters in temperatures below freezing isn’t one that fills us with joy. What can be a time-consuming and frostbite-inducing task can also be potentially dangerous, if daylight runs out before the job is done.

This is why Alumasc Water Management Solutions has just launched the new AX SnapFix Extruded Aluminium Gutter System.

The lightweight, 100% recyclable, aluminium gutter eliminates the need for nuts, bolts and washers, and hours spent up a ladder in the cold January gloom.

The AX SnapFix was designed to offer professionals a cost-effective, durable and highly corrosion resistant alternative to uPVC, without a lengthy installation time. With an impressive life span of up to 40 years, the AX SnapFix can now be installed in minutes and trusted for a generation.

The crucial element speaks for itself: fastened together with an integral ‘Snap Fix’, it provides a quality rainwater solution, in a snap.

Installation is quick and easy. Fascia brackets are fixed to the fascia board or rafters. The gutters are then ‘snap fixed’ into the fascia brackets- no nuts, bolts or washers needed- and sealant is added to the unions, outlets and stop ends. This system even requires less sealant than previous versions from the AX range, but is even more durable and able to fully accommodate thermal movement at every joint.

Available in three profiles—Beaded Half Round, Beaded Deep Run and Moulded—it is ideal for both traditional and modern buildings, and suited to flush and projecting eaves applications alike. Available in plain mill finish or polyester powder coated using the raincote range on a BBA approved process. The NEW extended standard RAL colour range now includes 26 colours to choose from, and more available to special order, the new AX SnapFix can be an ideal resolution to 2019’s gutter challenges.

So, now that you don’t have to spend all January up a ladder, what will be your next move?