As part of a major transformation of Wembley Park, which includes Olympic Way, Wade Stainless Steel Linear Channels and Streamline, and perforated gratings were installed beneath the Olympic Steps to provide an effective and long-lasting drainage solution.

Built by developer Quintain in a joint project with Brent Council, the Olympic Steps come at the end of Olympic Way—the stretch of road linking Wembley underground station to Wembley Stadium. It was named Olympic Way after it was originally constructed for the 1948 London Olympics.     

The final stages of this redevelopment were the iconic steps that lead up to the national stadium. The original ramp, known as the pedway, was built as part of the old Wembley Stadium and acted as a bridge over the old coach parks. The Olympic Steps development replaced the outdated, concrete pedway and extended the Olympic Way, increasing the width by 50% and improving accessibility for all visitors in and around Wembley Park. Volker Fitzpatrick was the main contractor on the project.

“Working closely with Mick Hawkins, the Site Manager, the aim of the project was to fulfil the client’s drainage requirements to tight deadlines,” says Brian Holden-Earl, Area Sales Manager. “The area is frequently used by visitors, so it was important to deliver our services within a specific timescale.”

Wade Stainless Steel Channels are available in a range of profiles, generally with in-built fall towards the outlets. Side bars and folds are made so that the selected grating fits flush with the show edges. A Narrow edge (NE) Linear Channel was specified and installed for this project. These channels are suitable for most standard applications and can be produced as a curved channel with any perforated gratings.

“There were a number of challenges on this project. Firstly, the underpass below the site area was used was used as a market and thoroughfare, so there were strict time constraints. Secondly, was making sure that the circular channel and gratings would fit around the light posts. We had to come up with workable solutions that would adhere to the client’s requirements.   

“We were commended on the quality of our products and technical response,” continues Brian. “They were also impressed with our can-do attitude towards the project and our willingness to consider adaptations outside of the standard design scope.”  

With over 50 years' experience in the industry, Wade is a leading manufacturer of quality drainage products, offering a comprehensive range of drainage products with choices of material, size, style, finish, and accessories. Their product range encompasses everything from floor gullies to linear drainage, and roof outlets.  

Brian concluded: “Our willingness to adapt and fit in with the architectural and contractor requests, and ability to offer workable solutions, really helped us to stand out from the crowd on this project.”

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