Great Hollands Sports Pavilion sports Skyline Soffit System

Alumasc Skyline’s fascia and soffits have been specified at Bracknell’s Great Hollands Sports Pavilion to bring a much-needed uplift to the facility.

Great Holland’s Sports Pavilion is a modern and sleek multi-functional space, which serves the purpose of improving child and youth access to an outdoor recreational area.

The pavilion, which completes Great Hollands extensive recreation grounds, is complimented by the updated installation, and benefitted from its custom large width soffits.

“Alumasc were asked to supply its Skyline fascia and modular soffit systems to suit the required detail of the pavilion,” Ivan Colvil, AWMS Technical Sales Manager for Skyline, says.

AWMS’ Skyline Soffit system is made to suit all designs and budgets. It is manufactured in the UK from high quality, BBA approved polyester powder coated aluminium and is available in a standard range as well as in bespoke designs available to order.

Project Images

“This particular system from Skyline was specified as Alumasc contributed to the development of the details for the material to be fitted. Alumasc developed the Skyline range to be tailored to the building requirements. This is one of Skyline’s unique and top features,” Ivan explains.

“We were able to manufacture the profiles to not only achieve perfect functionality, but also an aesthetic that compliments the surroundings.

“The installation at Great Hollands sports pavilion was challenging, as various profiles were needed, due to the structure’s different shapes throughout. However, a Skyline specification allows for great technical support from Alumasc, and therefore, a successful installation.

“One of the biggest achievements throughout this project, was definitely the installation process. AWMS was the only manufacturer put forward by the specifiers as Skyline was the only range that could offer the sizes and custom designs required by the client,” Ivan explains.

“We worked closely with the subcontractor and were asked by them to assist at numerous points throughout the project,” he adds.

AWMS’ specification started in July 2019 and was successfully completed by October 2019.

The ready-to-be-used Great Holland Sports Pavilion’s visitors, have the ability now to enjoy a refreshing drink or a hot beverage at its new café without the risk of rain ruining their day.

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