BMF Young Merchant Annual Trip

Posted by:    |   Date posted: 26/05/2016

Every year, the BMF organizes a trip for young merchants to visit a supplier and view their operations. This year, Alumasc Water Management Solutions (AWMS) hosted the event and took the young merchants to meet one of their suppliers in Austria.
AWMS’s Steve Mascall, Pete Wainer and Wayne Willmott joined the group for the trip.
During the visit they had a factory tour, presentations and product training. They also enjoyed a boat trip and roundtrip to “Schafberg” mountain by the cog railway “SchafbergBahn”.
Steve Mascall, National Sales Manager for Gatic commented,
“It was a great opportunity to bridge the gap between the supplier, distributer and merchant. Plus we got to see some great sites in Austria. I think the young merchants came away with a good understanding of the products, how they work and what applications they can be used in. It means they now have first-hand experience when advising their own customers on the product ranges, which I’m sure will prove valuable.”
Jamie Pierce added,
“As Chair of the BMF Young Merchants I would like to thank our hosts Alumasc Water Management Solutions for their kindness and generosity throughout the trip to Salzburg, Austria with special thanks to Pete, Wayne and Steve for their hospitality. The trip has been hugely enjoyable and extremely informative as I’m sure all of the group in attendance will agree. The trip served as a great networking opportunity and the group continues to provide a great platform for young merchants, suppliers and manufacturers to mix and engage with one another.”